William Ouellette is a prolific composer who has scored for such genre of films as documentaries, horror, thriller, suspense, drama and light comedies. He is a capable MIDI sequencer and orchestrator well versed in Cubase and Kontakt with experience in Logic and Reason. Earning a Masters in Conducting has only furthered his ability to add his unique touch and passion into every musical project.

Born in Southern California, he played various instruments in concert bands and casually wrote for piano and small ensembles in school until one fateful day at the movies when he discovered his love for the French horn and the beautiful, unlimited expressional potential of film music. He found his calling and immediately set out to learn how to compose for it.

At California State University, Northridge he met the challenges associated with film, music genres, music theory and business management. He easily developed relationships with fellow student composers and film makers which allowed him to successfully showcase and conduct several recitals of his music and films. Since then he has composed for small films, internet series, concerts and is expanding his genre into video games and trailers.

contact: william@williamjohnouellete.comĀ 

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